Marketing Manager

Big Rock Designs Graphic Master course was an ideal introduction to using Adobes Creative Suite for photo editing and print publication. I was able to notice a marked difference in my skills after completing the course and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to establish a strong foundation in graphic design and editing.

Office Manager

Huge thanks to Peter of Big Rock Designs for the bespoke website training he provided for the staff of Lighthouse Ireland. The training surpassed all expectations, kept staff interested throughout the entire day and left everyone feeling very enthused and motivated. Would definitely recommend Big Rock Designs for I.T/Website training.

Marketing Manager


BigRockDesigns provide excellent training in digital marketing and various software packages. They cater both to those who are new to the realm and those wishing to increase their skill set. The sessions are informative with well supervised tutorials and there is great support throughout. Thoroughly recommend to anyone wishing to start a new business or those who wish to brush up on their skills.

Marketing Manager


I attended the full 5 day Digital Marketing Master course recently and have to say that the content and delivery was fantastic! Being new the world on website management and digital marketing, I didn’t know very much about anything but the WordPress, Adwords and Analytics and SEO sessions were of particular use to me and I am using them every day in my role now.

I can confidently log onto our company CMS system and make changes to the site in response to the Analytics pulled on site traffic and performance. I have been working on boosting our SEO and am already starting to see an impact on our position ranking. The courses were very well delivered, clear and it was a great advantage having a smaller class as you able to ask more questions and I found it easier to learn.

What is particularly good, is that I know I can email or drop into the office at any time if I need a quick refresher or to run over something, something I’ve made good use of so far!

Accounts Manager


Bigrockdesigns provide first class training within SEO, google analytics and digital strategy. Their week long course is fundamentally aimed at equipping professionals with industry experience and has enabled me to gain an in-depth understanding for optimising websites, social media channels and content writing. I couldn't recommend the company highly enough, with Peter Meehan always on
hand to provide advice, even after I gained my certification

Marketing Consultant

I found the WordPress course very enjoyable and due to Peter's professional yet relaxed teaching style found the material easy to understand and now have the confidence to produce my own website. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone wanting to take control of their online marketing, but were to afraid to enter the world of the internet and SEO because it was to complicated to follow, as Peter overcomes these fears and gives you the confidence to do it yourself.

Marketing Manager

I cannot recommend Big Rock Designs training courses highly enough. As a busy Marketing Manager for one of Europe's leading tank manufacturers, I often find it hard to allocate time for training. The benefits I have gained from training courses on SEO and WordPress have impacted our company's online performance immeasurably and I would urge any business, large or small, to invest wisely in keeping staff up-to-date with training in these areas.A strong online presence is quite possibly the number one priority for companies wishing to successfully compete on a national and/or global stage. Put simply, the more you invest in your staff, the more they will provide you with results.

Office Manager


Having extensively researched my digital marketing training options in Northern Ireland, I decided to choose Big Rock Designs, Belfast.
Having sent a course enquiry email to the company, I quickly received a phone call from Peter. He spoke with such passion and enthusiasm for digital marketing, outlining what the course covered, and what it didn’t (there wasn’t very much!). He also highlighted that the Big Rock Designs Digital Marketing Master course was OCN accredited, something that none of his competitors in Northern Ireland were able to offer. After speaking to Peter, I felt reassured; he knew his subject incredibly well and had vast experience in his field. I also felt that this course was going to arm me with the digital marketing tools that I needed to progress our organisation digitally, and that everything on the syllabus served an important business need.
The Big Rock training suit was kitted out with new Apple computers and all the latest Adobe software, which I felt ensured a positive learning experience right from day one. I actually had the pleasure of using an iMac with retina display.
The course material was very comprehensive and well structured, suitable for all levels of experience; from complete beginner to the more advanced. The modules on the course were logically sequenced; WordPress then SEO, Email Marketing and Social Media, and knowledge gained from one built on the next in a well-structured framework.
The encouragement and feedback received from Peter over the duration of the course was extremely valuable. The Digital Marketing Master course was very hands on, with Peter offering an array of helpful tips when carrying out practical activities, ensuring confidence in application on my return to the workplace.
I have recommended the Digital Marketing Master course to other organisations and friends and would be completely confident that they will also have the same high-level experience at Big Rock Designs as I did. Peter and his team are true professionals, and I sincerely wish them continued success in Northern Ireland and for their expansion in to the Republic of Ireland.
On a final note, I would like to highlight that I have seldom met the level of customer support that was offered to me by Peter and his team, both during and after the training was complete. That in itself adds enormous value to the course. Overall, this course will not disappoint in terms of both value for money and the skills gained to progress your organisation’s marketing strategy digitally.

Marketing Manager


I attended big Rock Design's SEO Course taught by Peter and was highly impressed with the level of training I received. As a beginner to SEO I found the lesson plan very well structured, making it easier for me to follow. I left feeling confident that I could implement a successful SEO strategy across all the websites I managed and seven months on I am still using the concepts that Peter taught me on a daily basis.
A few months after my SEO training I decided to get training in Google Analytics and Adwords. I didn't bother looking around for other local courses, I got straight back in touch with Peter who quickly booked me onto the Google Analytics and Adwords course taught by Michael, who was also very knowledgeable and gave me a lot of advice on how to get the most value on PPC advertising as well as how to manage and track performance of adwords campaigns effectively.
It was great to know that I had back-up support after the training courses as both Peter and Michael encouraged me to get in touch if I had any questions - a service that you generally don't get with other training courses.
I would highly recommend Big Rock Designs to all individuals and businesses who are looking to improve their digital marketing skills.