Tumblr a vital marketing tool

02 October 2011 Categories: Blog

Tumblr has now more blogs than wordpress. Very impressive stat and a marketing resource not be ignored

1. Sharing Platform

People are using and sharing beautiful visuals on Tumblr, posting things they think are inspirational, great platform to get your voice out there, like twitter, Facebook, photobooth and youtube, Tumblr provides, among other things, another outlet for distributing material creatively. The fashion industry appears to be the most receptive to this

2. Tumblr and the Creative Industries

According to Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp, approximately 180 of the top 1,000 Tumblr blogs are fashion-related. And fashion-related Tumblr posts are reblogged on a much greater scale than general Tumblr posts, Tumblr Fashion Director Rich Tong says, suggesting that “there’s a huge capacity for fashion content to go viral on Tumblr.”

3.Growth of Tumblr 

In January, Tumblr had more than 7 million individual blogs. At the time of this writing, the total blog ticker on its site read about three times that at 20,873,182 — beating out WordPress.com’s current count by about 85,000 blogs. However this doesn’t include wordpress self hosted sites. Many individuals have been signing up for Tumblr lately. But top companies in entertainment andnews and fashion have also recently launched Tumblr blogs. They’re using the platform in a very different way than they use WordPress.com.

4. Tumblr Bridging the Gap between Facebook and WordPress

I believe this is the power of Tumblr. Not to be use as a stand alone marketing tool. When incorporated into an over all marketing strategy the effect on web exposure can be extreme. It provides the user with a highly visual organised method of interacting with a product, brand or simply concept