How Google Adwords can help improve your SEO campaign

22 October 2015 Categories: Blog

1. Testing Your Market

Adwords lets you test the search market quickly, within no time at all you can find out whether there is a market with enough search volume and traffic to justify a more prolonged and costly SEO campaign.

Imagine identifying keywords, pumping money into targeting those keywords in the organic search results, and then discovering you overestimated the amount of traffic or the quality of that traffic.

With an Adwords Campaign you can find out exactly how much searches there are, you can even go so far as finding out how much search traffic there is in different countries.

There’s no need to rely on unpredictable keyword research tools, get the information straight from the horse’s mouth.

2. Keyword Research

Keywords are the backbone of your SEO campaign. You use your keywords in Page Titles, Keyword URLs, the source code, the content and the internal anchor text links so it’s imperative that you get your keyword research spot on from the outset.

Make sure you know what keywords work and get as much information as possible. Running a live Google Adwords campaign on broad match or broad match modifier keywords is the best way to discover what keywords your users are typing into Google.

SEO and keywords are a painful process, you have to mine and research for keywords, and decide whether your site has enough clout to try and target these.

With Adwords at least you can identify keywords, which ones have traffic and the level of competition. This certainly makes your job easier and helps you avoid mistakes such as targeting the wrong keywords.

3. Selecting the Best Ads For Title & Meta Descriptions

Google Adwords will help you with writing Page Titles and Meta Descriptions. Take the copy of your best performing ads and use them. Use the text from the Ads with the best click through rates.

4. Testing Conversions

Before you even embark on investing money into your SEO, Google Adwords can help you get the traffic and work on improving the conversion rates on website. If your site and product doesn’t convert then you’ve had the warning signs to address the issues, again before spending big on more SEO.

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Author: Michael Wall is an experienced SEO & Google Adwords specialist with over 14yrs and 10yrs respectively. Michael provides and takes the Google Analytics & Adwords courses on behalf of BigRockDesigns and outside of this runs CodefixerSoftware