Click Through Rate – Does it really mean anything

02 October 2011 Categories: Blog

I have been reading a few articles on line about this some of the comments I am finding quite interesting

1. Is Click through a poor measure of success ?
A lot of online marketing has really been focused on search results and has really been the early adopters online and they’re looking at click-through rates, click-to-conversion ratios, all those hard measures. As the Internet grows up, you want to be talking about brand advertising and the stuff that happens beyond the click. There appears to  actually be  a negative correlation between CTR and brand lift measures.

2. Without Click Through how do we measure the effectiveness on a campaign
We look at other factors such as standard marketing response rates And did it change a stated intent, like did I intend to go to that supermarket based on what was in this ad? Those companies all have those measures, so what we’re focused on is developing standards around those measures so that people can understand how advertising is driving upper funnel measures.

3. Are most marketers sophisticated enough to know that CTRs aren’t important?A lot of the digital buyers are very focused on that CTR measure. The guys who are buying on TV — they understand that they’re not expecting someone to watch a TV commercial and then jump inside a TV and buy the product. But the online guys don’t have those measures. I’d say there is a massive education that needs to happen and having a bunch of standards that those TV buyers are used to having is a really powerful tool.

4. Main Factors to consider?
Who is the add aimed at? Does the ad actually move the individual to think of the product were they would not have done other wise? and the last is, Does it actually lead to sales?. The [online conversion rate] is really focused on that first one. Is it hitting the right people?

We are constantly striving for greater sales, measuring the success of such campaigns can help us to identity has the process succeeded. The numbers clicking on that add is that the best measure of success