5 steps in link google + with Facebook and twitter

31 January 2012 Categories: Blog

Hi Guys this process will link Facebook, twitter and google + together

Step 1 – Link Twitter and LinkedIn, makes it easier (not essential)

Step 2 – Search for rob mcgee in google plus (link = http://goo.gl/5haA7)

Add rob mcgee to friends circle

Step 3 – Sign in with Facebook and Twitter on this page (http://gplus.sagg.im).

Use the buttons at the top right of the page to sign in with Facebook and twitter

Step 4 – i.e Signed in with Facebook, select allow in opening screen

Step 5 – Go back to the gPlus window “highlight the authentication string” in the white box. Go to google +, paste it into your stream.

Step 6 Share the message with only “rob mcgee”


That should link google + and facebook. Follow the same process for twitter