Adwords & Analytics Training

Google AdWords

Get the most value from your pay-per-click (PPC) spend. Learn how to choose the best keywords, write great ad copy and measure the effectiveness of your ads on the leading PPC platform. This BigRockDesigns’ course explains the PPC landscape and shows how to use AdWords to get more clicks, conversions and ultimately more return on your investment in search advertising. This course explains the best practices for setting up your account and offers advice on keyword research, bidding strategies, the Quality Score, conversion tracking and campaign optimization. Plus, learn about remarketing using display ads and video advertising with YouTube.

Google Analytics

Learn how your content is performing: Google Analytics is the standard for web analytics and provides the means to track, analyze and report on site visits, marketing goals and ad revenue generated from your site. In this BigRockDesigns’ course we will demonstrate how to use Google Analytics to measure traffic ad performance, ROI and conversions, plus understand how people use your website. This course covers functionality, from account creation to reporting fundamentals, and explains how to read insights from the vast array of data available.

Topics include:

– Creating an AdWords account
– Researching keywords with the Keyword Planner tool
– Targeting locations and languages
– Writing great ad headlines and copy
– Creating a remarketing campaign
– Creating a video ad campaign
– Setting up an Analytics account
– Installing tracking code on a site
– Using flow visualization to see how visitors navigate through a site
– Using annotations and best practices
– Configuring and analyzing internal site search
– Cleaning up data with inline filters

Full Course Outline –

Courses Available:

1 Day Adwords & Analytics Course.

Adwords & Analytics training is also included as a one day module in the following courses:

Digital Marketing Master Course (5 Days)

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